Windows Traditional Connect Method

Please note: no longer works please use instead. 

1. Click On Start Menu & Open Control Panel.

Step 1 Start Menu















2. Select "View Network Status and Tasks".
Step 2 View Network Status













3. Click On "Setup New A Connection or Network".
Step 3 Setup New A Connection





















4. Click On "Connection To A Workplace".
Step 4 Connection To A Workplace













5. Click On "Use My Internet Connection (VPN)".
Step 5 Use My Internet Connection














6. In Internet Address, type ""(without quotation mark, no longer valid as shown below), In Destination Name, type any name.
Note: Tick on "Don't connect now just set it up so I can connect later".
Step 6 Internet Address and Destination













7. Enter Username and Password. [Username: demo; Password: demo]. You will be emailed a unique login and password.
Click on "Create".
Note: Tick on "Remember this password".
Step 7 Username and Password














8. After this window appears, you can click on "Connect now" or you can choose "Close" if you wish to connect later.

Step 8 Connect now














9. If you click on "Connect Now", then following windows will appear.
Step 9 Connect Now 2













Step 9 connect now 3













Click on close to complete the connection setup.


10. To connect manually.
(a) Click on the name of the connection.
Step 10 a Connect manually












(b) Click on "Connect".
Step 10 b Connect manually












(c) If this window pops up, click on "Public Network".
Step 10 c Public Network















(d) Click On "Disconnect" to stop using VPN Connection.

Step 10 d Disconnect VPN