Why Us?

Your Privacy and Security are Our Top Priority

Focused on Bittorrent

While peer-to-peer file sharing has a number of great advantages it also poses a number of security risks. When using bittorrent your IP address, or digital fingerprint, is visible to everyone you download from and vice versa. The TorrentGuard service ensures that only the VPN's IP address is visible, keeping your digital fingerprint private. Additional encryption makes certain your on-line activities are completely private and invisible.

Fully Functional VPN

Regardless of what your doing on the internet, privacy and security should always be one of your primary concerns. While TorrentGuard is focused on making bittorrent anonymous it is also a fully functional VPN to keep all your internet activities private and secure.

Full Anonymity

TorrentGuard features full and strong anonymity and never do we keep logs or retain ANY user information. We feel very strongly about your privacy and would rather close business than sacrifice your personal information.

Our Pledge to You

At TorrentGuard we are 100% committed to keeping your information private. We back this up with a pledge that we will never hand over our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) private keys. Taking inspiration from Lavabit, we pledge to fall on our sword and cease operations rather than comply with an order to give access to user information or activity.

Features and Speed to Keep you Surfing Privately and Conveniently

Quick Connection Methods

In addition to top notch security and privacy our service includes all the features your looking for in a VPN service. We offer quick connection methods to get you connected and downloading anonymously in no time.

Unlimited and Unmetered Traffic

Your traffic is unlimited and unmetered so you can use TorrentGuard as much as you want without worrying about overages or cut-offs.

Speed You Can Count On

While privacy and security are of utmost importance we don't sacrifice speed as our servers are on 100Mbps or better.

How does TorrentGuard work?

Torrent Guard - Serious BitTorrent Privacy